Help needed in changing a wrong sound chosen by NotePerformer

I have an orchestra score with parts for soprano sax and alto sax. This is in fact an imported MIDI file. For the alto sax, NotePerformer correctly picks an alto sax patch, but for the soprano sax part it uses ‘Sopranos (Ah)’, i.e. soprano voice.
I don’t know how to change this. Is it impossible to tell NotePerformer which instrument you want for a part?
Do I need to change something in the score? What?


Yes, in Setup Mode add a new Player with Soprano Sax.
In Write Mode copy the music from the Soprano Staff and paste it to the new player.
Then in Setup Mode delete the Soprano.
That should fix it.

You can also save one step by just using the Change Instrument function in Setup Mode

Thank you!! I added a player and copy-pasted & deleted the original stave, and it worked. - Where can I find the Change Instrument function, though? Couldn’t find it in any of the menus nor the manual.

The Change Instrument function is found in Setup Mode. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Expand the card of the player whose instrument you want to change in the Players panel. The card will list the instrument(s) currently held by the player;
  2. Hover the cursor over the instrument you want to change and click the right facing arrow;
  3. Click on “Change Instrument”
  4. Select the instrument you want to change to.

Hope this helps. Stew