Help Needed In Un-Installing Plugins

Hey Folks,

Using Cubase Artist 10 on OSX Mojave 10.14.6.

Recently I had some OS issues and had to format and reinstall Mojave after backing up on Time-Machine.
Now, after the fresh OS install and bringing all the softwares back from TM, my plug-ins don’t show up in the Audio > Plugins > VST folder. It actually doesn’t show up in any folder, Components folder as well. A search for the plug-in by name also doesn’t throw up any result.

Now Cubase works fine. All the plug-ins load as usual, but I cannot un-install any of the demo plugins. In fact, even new plug-ins which I install now don’t show up in any of the folders anymore.

I thought maybe they were invisible but it turns out that’s not the case either.

Looking for a solution to make the plug-ins re-appear in the folders. Or even if there any other way to un-install plugins ?

Would really appreciate any help. Many thanks.

Hi and welcome,

On Mac the plug-ins are stored in the predefined path: (system)Library/Audio/Plug-Ins. You can remove the plug-ins from this folder.

Hi Martin,

The problem is that post restoring the backup from TimeMachine, the plug-ins can’t be seen the pre-defined Plug-ins folder in the Library. But they do load in Cubase, they are just not visible in the folder anymore. Hence, now I cannot un-install the expired demo plug-ins. They are not invisible either in the folder as well (I checked).

Hence wanted to know if there is a way to restore it back to being able to see them in the folder or at least another way of uninstalling plugins ?


Anyone ?

Like Martin said…did you look in the SYSTEM Library folder? NOT the user Library folder.
This folder is hidden normally and to unhide it just open a finder window and at the top menu bar press: Go>alt key and it reveals a menu Library. There you should take a look.

Hi pliktro,

Yes, Im referring to the (hidden) Systems Library folder. The folder no longer shows any plug-ins after the TM backup reinstallation.

Of-course plug-ins used to show up in that folder before the TM backup and thats how I used to un-install plug-ins, by just simply deleting them from that folder. The empty Systems Library folder > audio > plugins > vst is post the TM backup reinstallation.

Ok then open in Cubase plugins manager and locate those plugins. Maybe with this way you will find where they are.