help needed - Logical editor pitch bend value entry

I did a search for this question but failed to find anything.

When I use the Logical editor to insert a pitch bend value at a note, the upper half of the LE window has my selection criteria, and that works fine. But the lower half of the panel has this:

Function: Insert

Action Target | Operation | Parameter 1 | Parameter 2
Type Set to fixed value Pitchbend
Value 1 Set to fixed value ??? 7 bit entry allowed and converted to a pitch name ???

So: is there a way to insert a specific pitch bend value that’s not in the range 1-127? Say 8040, for example?

(Cubase 8.0.4)


I’m afraid only 7bit value is allowed.

Thanks for the answer, sad though it is. Would that be considered a bug? The LE creates an incorrect value for an inserted event.

In other words, should I create some kind of support request for this?


I would consider this as a bug. It is probably specified like this, and it never worked 14bit. So I would post it as a Feature Request.

I think pitch bend is expressed as a single byte in the MIDI code. The first bit is the status bit and the remaining 7 bits are the value. With only 7 bits, the value can not be more than 127.

You can use 7bit (one byte) or 14bit (two bytes) PitchBend.

The L.E. can indeed do 14 bytes. :wink:

This gets you 8192, or zero pitch bend.
Value 1=0
Value 2=64

Value 2 increments by 127 and you get the in-between values by changing value 1, so this gets you 8193:

Value 1=1
Value 2=64

And this, 16383 (maximum)

Value 1=127
Value 2=127