Help needed, massive problem

Hi. I renamed the folders my projects are stored in, and now they won’t load. Ive tried to rename the folders back to no avail.

When i click on the .cpr the screen blinks and then all my files are greyed out (see img)

Any ideas how i can remedy this please?
Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 16.08.02.jpg

Find the .cpr files in Finder and open them from there. That should replace the old path with the new one.

Thanks for replying. Already tried that, no luck

Any ideas how i can remedy this please?

Try this:

Open the Hub and click the Find Other button on the bottom left. Use the Finder to locate one of your “missing” folders. Open it and double-click the .cpr file you need from it. That should launch the Project and anything associated with it.

If that happened, Save the file (or do a SaveAs and rename it, if need be). I’m pretty sure the next time you launch that file (which should now be listed at the top of your Hub list) it will open correctly.