Help needed. Move Events


my problem is:

I have an audio recording splited to many parts. I like to move one so it can start exactly one second after previous ends. I have so many events, that positioning them manually will take me hours. I have tried snap function in many combinations and it failed. Cannot snap to end of event and than make one second gap between end of previous and start of next.

Can that be done?

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You can go to your transport and change from midi ( bars and beats) to timebased transport then if you look at your quantize options 1000 ms shows up as an option - then just enable snap mode with snap type set to grid

clarification - select seconds mode on the transport panel

Thank You for the reply, but with grid snap it wil “snap” to grid or seconds and I need the next event to start exackly 1 second after previous event ends.

I’ve made makro to help me with that but still it sees only one track lane. Makro does not consider next event unless it is on the same track.

Mayby I don’t know the command yet.

Please post Your thaughts!

ahh got it not one second for every event start. Well you can select a smaller snap value but your going to have to do the math of adding 1 second to the end of every event.

The simplest thing you can do is edit and audio region to be exactly one second then paste copies of that event right after each audio event and snap all the audio parts to eachother.