Help needed - Old arrangements (arr-files) cannot be imported

Dear all,
i recently installed Cubase CX3 to convert my old stock of hundreds of old atari

Processing: AFRICA_C.ARR… (27.7 KB)

files, which I keep on my harddrive. But after I imported a few into CX3 they are empty, although there is content in them which I can see in e.g. notepad++. Can anybody help me to find the error?
See upload for an example.

Hi Kai, Cubase SX3 crashes immediately when I try to load the AFRICA_C.ARR file

That sounds like this problem: (link to solution)
In a nutshell, we had to find an old version of Cubase VST to read these.

Hi Pat,

thx for trying. I attached another arr.file. Anyhow it seems that the issue might be solved with a VST3.7 Version which I do not have, can anybody help me out here? (27.1 KB)

Hey Mr.Soundman, thx! I will look out for that old version…

Cubase SX3 does not crash with FEELINGS, but unfortunately nothing is imported and the project window remains empty.

Excactly what I experiance… thx for the effort. I found an old iso in the www from v3.7 and will have a try with that. Thats the solutione in the post mentioned by Mr. Soundman!
Best regards