Help needed pls

Hi ppl sorry to have to ask, looking into my computer does nothing but baffle me.

I need to add a firewire connection (sounds easy enough, it does) but when I Iook on ebay I see no PCI cards that seem to match the holes I have in my computer.

I have this motherboard:

Please (please :slight_smile:) can someone give me a link to a firewire card that will work (its to connect soundcard)

Tim thx for looking

Sorry for got to mention all the slots are free except a graphics card



The PCI slot on that Mobo is…
“1x 32-bit 33MHz PCI (5V) slot” (Pls note 5V as opposed to 3.3V)

This might help you a little…

Do a search on NewEgg for “PCI to Firewire”. Check the specs for a 5V item and you should be good to go.

It’s OK I figured it out PCI-X is backwards completable with PCI (not the ones with 1 groove/ slot/ gap [whateva you call it] in the pins, but the ones with two gaps and evenly spaced from the ends)

I haven’t tried this yet but it seems its going to work:,1177-18.html

Thanks anyway sorry I didn’t put that I sorted it.