Help needed to get this gong going...

I have spent about 3 hours now to get the NotePerformer gong sounding and I can not get it to work. Can someone please help me out?

I use the percussion notation as shown in the screenshot (single line).
Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.02.23.png
Playing on the midi keyboard I can hear a whole range of percussion instruments so I assume this is a general midi percussion kit with every key having its own percussion instrument. The Gong I need is on the G#, which is midi key number 56. In note input mode I hit this key and yes, the sound is correct. But when playing it back or clicking that note, I hear some kind of tom tom. How do I get my Gong sound :unamused:

There seems to be a typo in the NotePerformer Percussion map…

Click menu Play/Percussion maps…,
in the Left column find NP Orchestral Percussion and click on it,
Scroll down till you see 56 in the column “Midi Note” and click the line Gong (large)
Click on the Instrument menu at the bottom (under Edit Drum kit note) and change it to Large gong (It’s under L…)
(important:) Click the APPLY button first, then OK.

Great, it works now! Thanks for your help and also in making me understand the percussion map better!

For reference, fratveno’s technique should work for not just the Gong, but any non-functional percussion sound in NotePerformer (until they’re fixed).

The “NP Orchestral Percussion” map should include all the percussion sounds in NP (listed in MIDI Note & Name columns) but there may be inconsistencies or issues with the mapping to Dorico. In which case you can simply select the appropriate MIDI Note/Name, from our range of sounds, and change the “Instrument” and/or “Technique” setting, to map the sound to your choice of instrument and technique in Dorico.

Thanks, Arne.

Some problems still. I replaced the NP gong with a gong fx from east west and loaded for this a Play engine. After that I tried to get back the NotePerformer instrument, but how do I know what to choose in Play Mode? There are 3 NP instances loaded to choose from and in the mixer there is no indication where the gong is, all I see is Orchestral percussion many times in the 3 mixer panels. I did try all the Percussion channels but non of them sound like gong. Applying the Noteperformer template would unload all the kontakt and Play instances that are loaded, so that is not a solution either.

Given that the gong is in the ‘Orchestral Percussion’ patch in NotePerformer, it will be sufficient to simply route the gong instrument to one of the instances of Orchestral Percussion in one of the instances of NotePerformer. It shouldn’t matter which one.

When I choose one of the NP instances, the sound that is already loaded in those instances is being played. I also added a basic drum kit and choose NP as the playback for the instruments, but they are all playing one of the instruments that are already in the NP that instance and not a drum kit.

You need to make sure that the appropriate expression or percussion map is chosen for each channel in the Endpoint Setup dialog corresponding to the instance of NotePerformer you’re using. The Endpoint Setup dialog is the dialog accessed by clicking the little cog icon to the left of the name of the VST instrument in the VST Instruments panel on the right-hand side of Play mode.

Ah, I see. NP doesn’t do this by itself now I am using Kontakt and play as well, even though it’s set as being the default play back library. Thanks.

No, I cannot get it to work, Daniel.
As you can see in the screenshot, I created a player with a Drum Set (last system in the score) and choose NotePerformer as play back device (I created a new device for this and didn’t choose the once that were already used).

As a test I only loaded the first 4 channels, although I tried it before with all the instruments before which gave me the same result: The percussion instruments load the instruments you see in the mixer. That is what is being loaded the moment I choose NP as device for the drum set.

btw, the first instrument in the Play is called Drum Set, below that the individual instruments of this drum set are shown. Why is that? What should be assigned on this first channel/track?

I would assume you need to specify NotePerformer (rather than Default) in the Channel Expression map fields …

I tried that as well, same result.

Frank, you need to specify the ‘Expression Map’ field only when using a pitched instrument, and the ‘Percussion Map’ field when using an unpitched instrument.

André, I’m reasonably sure the gong is not in the NotePerformer drum set patch: it’s in the orchestral percussion patch.

Yes, I tried that as well, still only the flute is sounding. I have the same problem with the Drum Kit. I tried recreating the player/instrument and assigning NP, but I cannot get it to work. It’s as if NP can only be used in a freshly made score, but not in a score in progress.

No, that’s not the case. Provided you have each track assigned to the appropriate channel on the right instance of NotePerformer in the track headers in Play mode and you have the correct expression map chosen for each channel in the Endpoint Setup dialog, it will work even when you’re setting things up manually.