[Help Needed] VST Instruments / I/O Problem (MIDI / Audio / Disk Read?)

I’m someone returning to Cubase after over a decade. I purchased Cubase 8.5 a year or two ago but after fumbling around with it for a bit was never able to get it to work properly. I had a thing for composing music in Cubase 3 as a kid and would love to be able to get back into it.

This time I’ve gotten a bit further but am stuck on getting VST Instruments to work (Including the built in ones)
I’ve sent in a support ticket but due to COVID I feel like there will be a delay on them getting back to me with a solution.

Setup that might be causing the issue (Could be ASIO related):
Voicemeeter Banana - Virtual Audio Device
Bog Standard Soundcard (Realtek)

Quick rundown -
MIDI Controller: Working
Microsft GS Wavetable Synth: Working
3rd Party VST Instruments: Working but only outside of Cubase
Every other music related program is working; Only Cubase 8.5 is not co-operating

What’s not working and where I’m stuck at-
1st Party and 3rd Party VST Instruments: Are loaded into Cubase, but are not taking any MIDI input, not reading disk or using any CPU, and using the GUI keyboard that comes with some of the VSTs does not produce any sound. For instance the built in HALion Synth does not produce any sound, or receive any input whatsoever, but it’s clear that the Instrument is being loaded in correctly.

This could be something really simple and I don’t want to miss this window of opportunity that I have right now to relearn Cubase.


After a few days of searching around on the net and fumbling around with Cubase 8.5 I’ve finally found the cause and solution (unfortunately this was also after 2 years of no help from Steinberg after my first attempt at getting 8.5 to work and no longer having the time to figure out what was going wrong, and having to stop using Cubase 15 years ago because “Sorry we don’t support Cubase 3 anymore can’t help”, of which I can’t help but feel quite frustrated):

A lot of ASIO and sound drivers / devices don’t play ball game with Cubase 8.5, this causes no input to be received or sent out.
Cubase 8.5 does not like Voicemeeter Banana, or any Generic ASIO drivers.
Installing ASIO4ALL + disabling Voicemeeter Banana, and routing the output to the appropriate device seems to have rectified this issue. Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth no longer works but I’m not going to be using that any time soon so that’s absolutely fine by me.

Edit: It doesn’t seem to want to play friendly with any of my USB headsets either.

Hopefully everything else will be smooth sailing for me from here on out, but I feel like I’ve lost so many years as a result and well… it hurts.