Help Needed with Auto Re-Routing Inputs/Outputs

We are a post-production studio using Nuendo 12 on both PC and Mac across multiple studios. Our audio hardware varies, including SSL12, UAD Apollo, and various RME interfaces.

Since we often work with the same material in different studios, it would be helpful if inputs and outputs automatically re-routed when switching hardware.

I remember a dialogue box that appeared when shifting hardware, saying “missing ports” and having a“map always” check-box, but now it doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve read the manual section on renaming inputs and outputs, Steinberg
but I still can’t get auto-re-mapping to work when switching hardware, and if there is/were a check-box to “map always” there should be a way to reset this selection…

Does anyone know how to set this up?

I see this only when I forget to turn on a MIDI device. AFAIK there is not way to remap hardware inputs and outputs when switching to a different hardware converter. Not sure how much data would be needed in a database to pull this off. You’d have to have a database of every current converter out there. And what if people do not use the “default” outputs of 1-2 in their systems?

Whenever I am in professional studios, they always always always have the same exact hardware for all their DAWs. That makes what you want to see happen properly, since the DAW only sees the same stuff, so it no longer needs to be manually remapped.

Just to clarify: If I understand correctly, you are familiar with the principle of re-mapping on different hardware using Alias names (“Show as” in Studio Setup)
Hardware#1 I/O Name <=> Alias Name for I/O <=> Alias Name for I/O <=> Hardware#2 I/O Name
such as
“RME Analog Input” <=> “INPUT” <=> “INPUT” <=> “SSL In 1”
“UAD Stereo Out” <=> “OUTPUT” <=> “OUTPUT” <=> “XYZ StOut”
but the re-mapping like shown below doesn’t work in your case?


That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do, without success.
But it feels like just by asking the question in this forum, you’ve just reset all the tech gods that were against me, and now I actually can get it to work! Not sure if it was something with HOW I named the channels or what, but now it works. Thank you! :blush:

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