Help needed with Cubase5.5 and Digi 003 rack

My computer is crashed so I bought a new one. I got serious problem in Cubase. I use Digi 003 as sound card. Previously everything was find. Now When I downloaded Pro Tools 8.04 ( they don’t have old ). When I play VST instuments everything is fine but when I play audio tracks is distorted , clicking like have problems with synthonization and vocal is delaying even in small buffer and disappeared sometime.
Could anyone give any advise )))))

I have the same and a not going to keep my 003 for much longer.
Have you got this issue sorted? I found that the ONLY drivers that work are v8.0.3beta … this is all over the web. I have been trying to sort out my issue over the last 3 months also and it is very boring! Exactly the same issues…
So, where are you at with it now?