Help Needed with Input Transformer Please

Hi all,

Long time Logic user here that has just made the move to Cubase 9, really liking it so far but I am hitting my head against a brick wall with getting my midi controller set up properly.

I’m 90% of the way there but have hit a few hurdles that I cant seem to get over. After watching countless videos and reading various sources I think I may have confused myself totally now.

The current situation is that I have an aging JLCooper CS-10 Mkii and I have successfully set up the global input transformer to take Midi CC 64 (which is permanently mapped to Fader 1 and cant seem to be changed in the preset profile in Remote Devices) and transform that to Modulation CC1. So every time I open Kontakt etc my first fader controls Modulation. So far so good! :slight_smile:

The issue is that because this fader is permanently mapped to CC64 (Sustain) the fader now controls both CC1 and CC64. To compound the issue Fader 1 (CC64) also seems to automatically control currently selected the track volume whatever CC that is?

How can I modify this so that Fader 1 only controls Modulation and nothing else? Preferably on a global basis.

I do have a few other questions that I will probably add later but for now this is my main problem.

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

If I understand you right, you modified the MIDI CC64 (sent by CS-10) to MIDI CC1, right? But the CS-10 fader (which is sending CC64) also controls the Volume Fader of Channel 1 on your MixConsole. Right?

If yes, then the reason is you have CS-10 selected as Remote Device in Device Setup. So CS-10 sends the CC64 to Cubase. Remote Devices translate it to move Fader 1 on the Mix Console. And the by using your Transformer, Cubase transform it to CC1.

You have to use either as Remote Device or as generic MIDI controller. You cannot use both at the same time.