Help Needed with Reconnecting to Sound Card after Windows 10 Update

With a recent Windows 10 update that happened last night), I suddenly have no connection between Cubase and my laptop’s soundcard (RealTek Audio). I’ve been using Cubase successfully with Windows 10 for about two months. Now, when I play my Cubase project, it runs but doesn’t communicate with the sound card. I have spent three hours trying to figure out what may have happened, or what needs to be reconnected.

Initially, I thought the problem was linked to a Cubase eLicensing disruption that also happened at the same time. I resolved that by repairing the eLicensing connection. That, however, did not fix the problem. My sound card is functioning fine in other capacities, but I cannot even get it to appear among choices of devices in Cubase. What can be done?

I would pay you whatever your going rate is for helping me out. I live in downtown Los Angeles near Pershing Square.

As it turns out, I have a project deadline of THIS weekend to complete some music for performance on Aug. 12. Yikes! This is a bad time for an upgrade-related problem.


Realtek has no driver that Cubase will see so it’s normal you don’t see it listed.

If ASIO4all is listed select that.
If not try Generic Low Latency ASIO (but consider installing ASIO4all which is a free driver download)

This is in Devices/Device Setup/VST Audio System


Thanks, again, for the suggestion. I will look into this fix as soon as I get back to my keyboard.


I say “again” since you helped me out back in July with a problem. I really appreciate it.



I am setting things up for the first time, and cannot get any audio.

I have ASIO4ALLv2 and also tried Generic Low Latency ASIO, but still now sound. It looks like I have done everything correctly through DEvice Setup/VST Audio System, but things are not working

Any other troubleshooting tips on this one please?