help needed with starting label


the secret singer song writer society is a foundation bringing musicians and charityprojects together.

One of their goals is to distribute music on their website.
The plan now is to upload it on a site and ask money via creditcard, pay pal etc and then a download.

To me this is old scool, I think it’s way more handy to have an Itunes link embedded because a large amount of people are carrying I-phones with Itunes credits around.
Now to distribute songs on I tunes you need a publisher of somekind and that cost money.
Is it legally and technical hard to start an own label so you can load up directly to Itunes?

I want to investigate this and I don’t know where to start. Google gives so many different answers and a lot of people
are saying completely different things.
Is there anyone here on the Forum that actually has a record label and could he lend his time to help me out.

It’s for a charity foundation so please please please help me with this.

Greetz DYlan.

CD Baby will distribute it to iTunes, Amazon, etc. for you.

Is that you Dylan?

Yes larry hahaha.

I used AWAL

Simple, no up-front charges (they take a cut) and your stuff ends up on pretty much every music site. (But iTunes first)