help needed

Hi all, new to studio programs but hopefully this will be an easy fix. I am running Cubase 7.5 artist with MOTU ultralite mk3 hybrid. When I open my ‘devices’ tab in Cubase, sometimes 1, sometimes 2 but NEVER more inputs are ‘active’. I have 8 audio inputs with my MOTU but only 1 or two become active to Cubase. any thoughts please?

vst connections inputs/outputs and i would also suggest reading the entire manual and perhaps some youtube tutorials.
cubase is a very complex program for someone new to the DAW world. nice choice on hardware btw :wink:

The inputs/outputs will only show ‘active’ when you have assigned them to a bus in the VST Connections display.

Thanks guys, really appreciate this. I am reading manual as I go, watching utube vids but like most peeps there is a need to just try ‘hands on’ too :slight_smile:

Hi there,
i guess the selected sound card is the system one, not your motu. Select your card in the device configuration menu and System audio vst. Replace the selected system sound card by the motu one and you’ll get all your input and output available …

In the same time, if you’re not confident with that, you may put your buffer at least to 256 for recording an 2048 when mixing. To have a good latency when you record and good performance when you’re mixing.

Hope it help

Good luck