Help needed!

Hello all,
Just received Cubase elements 7 in the mail today and I am new to it (honestly I have no idea what i’m doing yet!) This may be a dumb question but when I open up cubase and choose a prompt, there is no sound when I playback a track… And when that happened my computer said there was an issue with the soundcard? I just figured I could at least run the audio out of my computer’s speakers until I have nicer ones. Do I need a new driver or need to install something else for me to be able to hear what is coming from cubase? I have a brand new alienware m14x that cubase is installed on… Any help is greatly appreciated!

It’s vital that you set up Cubase correctly before you use it. How to to this is described in detail in the (pdf) manual! In your case you need to set how Cubase communicates with your soundcard. You will run into other issues later, so pay special attention to the set-up instructions in the manual

Ignoring the manual isn’t cool, it’s just plain stupid.

Like svenne said.

It’s nice software, but as someone else also said, it’s like learning a musical instrument, not likely to be done in a weekend.

These videos might be helpful too!