HELP! NEK 5 features not found


I did it in this order.

1-uninstall N5 and N5.5 (there were in 2 different folders, which I don’t think was the right thing) and NEK5 (all were activated)
2-install N5 - NEK5 - N5.5 update - N5.5.1 update

Still no NEK, sort of. Halion SO, and all the other cool VST3s are there, but no “Drum Map”, no “Edit as Drums” in the Prefs and no “Score” menu.

Also, in My Steinberg it says that my NEK is not activated, but it’s on my eLicenser and I did activate it online, which my license summary details.
What gives Steinberg!?


Did you install the 5.5 NEK?
It’s not listed on your descriptions…

The reason for 2 folders is that there are dramatic changes in 5.5, and I for one am glad of the option to still use 5.1.
I would also have thought correct uninstall procedure would be
1 - 5.5 NEK
2 - 5.5
3 - 5.1 NEK
4 - 5.1
Installation in reverse order of course.

and have you definitely installed the latest elicenser?

As far as I can tell there’s no specific 5.5 NEK update, or any updates to it for that matter.

Steinberg made N5.5 a “parallel install”, so it’s entirely possible that with no NEK update, I’m "stuck’ using N5.1 if I want to use the NEK as it “automagically” install into the N5 folder, with no option to put it elsewhere.

Beuermann, you want to chime in on this? Maybe give your dev-nerds a kick in the pants on getting the NEK up to speed with 5.5x?

Certainly would make life easier if all this stuff was integrated into the main app.


I just want to let you know that this kind of language is not appreciated on this forum.
Please rephrase that.



we do not kick our devs. And in this case it is a user error (you have entered the NEK 5 activation code). You have not activated your NEK 5.5 license. Please have a look in your MySteinberg account for the NEK 5.5 activation code.



Ya, I apologize for coming off like a prick, fellas.

Been working very hard on several project, tight deadlines, not enough food/sleep and I think that that little error of mine was the last straw for the day. Seriously, sorry about my harsh words; that’s not really like me at all.

Anyway, it’s all good now. Talked to SBCanada and their tech support guy was pretty helpful.

Funny though, I don’t know where I went wrong with that. I poked in the activation code, eLCC connected and the “full license” showed up on my elicencer. So, I’m still not sure what went wrong. But, oh well, it’s working now and that’s all that counts.

Thanks for understanding.