HELP!! New Audio Drop out Problem!

Hey Gang,
I have a new and improved problem wiht N5 now. This one has me baffeled.
Running Win 7 64 bit w Nuendo 5.1 32 bit. With NEW Version of Reason. (Over the weeked i did remove my 4 UAD1 cards and installed a NEW UAD 2 Quad card)

Here are the steps:
New Empty Template
Add Audio Tracks
Add Reason
Record audio track
Program reason loop

Upon playback, i get random drop outs.

SO, i printed reason loop to audio.
Removed all signs of reason.
Still get random audio drop outs.

Next, create NEW songs with Empty Template, go to Import file and import the Audio Loop from Pool of other version.
Play audio, still get drop outs.

Here is a video showing the drop outs. When i scroll backwards after a drop out, the audio plays fine.
NOTE! In the ASIO meter, the disc does NOTHING when the audio drops out, but when it REAPPEARS it spikes.

Playback of other and older songs has NO audio drop outs.

Any thoughts, tweaks, solutions?
Please help…


Additional note:

When i pull up the HDSP mixer of my RME Card. Watching its meters side by side with nuendo running, i see that the audio disappears from it as well.

AND at times when i go to the top of the song and hit play, the cursor moves but no audio plays.
Even in the video when i hear a drop out and then scroll backwards you can see the cursor in motion but no audio playing.

Very odd!

well im sure you tried this but i will say it anyway, did you check:
the buffer settings on your converters? try putting your buffers up to 1024
what speed is your hard drive the audio is on?
what is the video card you have, i have heard that drop outs will happen because the video card cant keep up with the screen change, (its a shot)
ram could be doing this.
ALSO you said you removed your UAD cards and put in the newest one, are the drivers up to date? i have a UAD card and my previous computer it would not work with AT ALL, seems the particular motherboard i had was THE ONLY MB that the UAD wouldnt work in and UA had no answers on how to fix it. i would pull the UAD card and try it again without any uad cards installed.
good luck

Good suggestions here!
I just got a call from Steiny tech support and they gave me a couple of things to chase down.
My audio raptor drive may be dying, or need defragging.
I will back up the Raptor tonight and then start doing tests as suggested by Chris at Steinberg.

Just so you guys know what he suggested, and it makes TOTAL sense too.

He’s having me take my audio file over to my C drive, then create a new song directing the audio folders to the C drive, and then import the audio file and see about a drop out there…basically taking my 3+ year old WD Raptor (150 gig) out of the picture. Such a simple test, so simple that i would have never thought of it!!! As i would have chased the most technical thing first.

If this stuff does not work, i will look at your solutions.

Thanks for pitching in!



I had problems with a UAD2 that caused drop outs and other issues.

If you can find the architecture of your motherboard expansion slots, see what buss the pcie slot is using that you have the UAD card plugged into.

Hmmm, thats good to know.

I did the test as described by Steiny Tech Support. They seem to have diagnosed it perfectly. My 2007 WD Raptor is dying. I have a new on on the way. The test showed that my files play perfectly when reading from my C drive.

I’ll install it tonight and see how it goes.

Good thing is i lost NO data in this whole episode!