Help ! New Migrant from Logic to Cubase 6.5...

Hey All !

Needed some help with my recent migration from years with Logic Pro 9 to Cubase 6.5. - hopefully I can find some assistance here… Thanks !

First - I’m having difficulty making Cubase respond to Retrospective Record. I follow everything it says in the manual to do, yet it will not add MIDI performances played to a track with the key command listed in the Key Commands. Try as I might, it will not record it Retrospectively. It records in normal fashion just fine. For some reason, I must be missing something. Also - I notice that there is no Retrospective Record button on the Transport, as mentioned in the manual. Any ideas ?

Second - although I exported my Logic key commands file, I seem to be unable to import them into Cubase 6.5. Any ideas on this ?

BTW - I’m on Cubase Mac 6.5

Thanks for any help !


The manual says select Retrospective Record on the Transport MENU, not a button on the Transport Panel. Sorry, but can’t help with the key commands question.

Thanks for the reply ; yes, the “Retrospective Record” finally did show up on the Transport MENU. I appreciate your clarification on that. It’s now working when selecting the Menu Item.

Can’t seem to get the key command to activate it, however.

Thanks again for the help !


Hi Johnny,

I used Logic too.
Are you talking about Logic always ‘recording’ things in the background?
For example. you’re playing a piano part, but not in RECORD mode. You just played something you wished you had recorded. Logic has a key command to ‘capture’ what you played.

If this is what you mean, in Cubase as long as the track is armed, after you play something, hit SHIFT *(keypad).

That means hold down SHIFT and hit the asterisk * on the keypad (not over the keyboard number 8)
The piano part will show up as though you had recorded it.
See page 104 “Retrospective Record” in the Cubase users manual



You can´t import Logic´s key commands file. And I´m not sure it would really be a good idea to do so. The programs are different. However, In Cubase´s Key Command window you can select “Logic KeyCommands” as a starting point. Then add your own commands to that.

And welcome to Cubase. It´s a great program!