Help! New to Cubase AI

Hi there, I’m so frustrated at this point! I can’t even get my computer to recognize that I have plugged in my UR22. Im COMPLETELY new at this. I have downloaded all and registered everything(I think?) but I can’t get the program to acknowledge that my guitar is plugged in… Can anyone help me? What am I missing?

I have just downloaded the drivers and my mac mini now acknowledges the UR22 but still not showing guitar in Cubase

Have you selected the UR driver in VST Audio System from the Device Setup Window?
Have you created input and output buses in the VST Connections window?

Good Morning BriHar, It was nice waking up to your post!

I Have just selected the UR driver in VST Audio System(which I didn’t know about so thanks!) but I don’t understand the create input and output buses thing in the VST Connections Window.

I can get there and see where to create and all that but I just don’t get it. I have nothing plugged in to the back of my UR22 except the USB cable going to my mac mini. Is this one of my problems?

I created a bus but nothing seemed to happen.

See the ‘getting connected’ section in your operation manual (PDF file opened from the Cubase Help Menu)
Basically to start you’ll want to create 2 Mono Inputs on the input tab of the connections window and a stereo output bus in the outputs tab.
Next you’ll need to plug active loudspeakers into the outputs of the UR22 (or connect these outputs to a stereo amplifier with speakers) - but if you don’t, at the very least you’ll need to plug in phones into the phones jack.
Then plug your guitar into the input jack on the front, increase the gain a bit, create a track in Cubase routed to the input you’re using, turn on the monitor icon, and (with any luck) you should hear your guitar.

Again, read the relevant chapters in the Operation Manual, the foregoing procedure is greatly oversimplified and it’s rather a lot to expect someone to paraphrase these basic instructions in any detail here in the forum.

If you then have any specific questions post them here - but first read the manual.

Thanks! Will do…