HELP new user cubase 10.5

just a small issue, im getting on real well , however , Im following a cubase born to produce , They have some free samples from there site , which you have to download to follow this particular project . This is where im really stuck , I HAVE downloaded Unzipped (extracted) to my desktop , there are around 9 or 10 samples , they are all there , And they do play because i clicked on each one , now they are downloaded as a WAV file , In my cubase project i click on media on the right , click on desktop , click on audio , they are not there , i havnt just tried clicking on audio ive just tried desktop no where to be seen , searched all through media in every folder , There are some drum samples which i have on desktop which i used when i had pro tools first , They are there , Im really confused over this one , any help massivly appreciated

Contact Born to Produce, they are pretty good with getting back to you and they should be able to assist you with locating the audio files for your projects.

In the Pool Window inside your Project hit the Import button to Import the Audio into your Project. This will offer to copy it to the Project’s Audio Folder - you want to do that.

many thanks for your prompt replys , on the case now
babs alive and raino have a nice day both , regards jimfish x