Help...No Audio Into Cubase from UAD virtual channels...

I use two virtual channels to route Mac audio into Cubase. Works like a charm.

Today, I open an existing session and and decided to re record the existing audio (from Mac) and suddenly, there is no signal coming in.

Go to Pro Tools, same virtual channels from UAD coming into Pro Tools just fine. So it’s something in Cubase.

I am NEW to Cubase, but not THAT new, been recording audio for months now from the Mac into sessions.

Anyone have any idea what could make this suddenly happen? I’ve restarted both Cubase, and the Mac.

Here’s some screenshots:

I know it’s probably something dumb I’m doing but can’t figure out what…thx for any help!

All the buttons etc. in your screen shots seem to be set correctly.

Try deleting the ‘Mac In’ bus & then recreating it, or maybe just disconnect the virtual ports and reconnecting them. If you can see the signal on the UAD & it gets to PT that implies the signal is getting lost between the UAD & Cubase - as you’ve indicated. I’ve had occasions (on a PC) where Cubase seems to forget connections, but when that happens the entire bus is gone. I’ve saved my various Connections configs as presets & reloading the preset gets them back.

Not exactly the same as your problem, but maybe in the neighborhood. :question:

And you’ve set the output of the Mac as Virtual 1-2 in the Audio Midi utility under “Configure Speakers”? You could test the Cubase side of things by outputing a VI track to virtual 1-2 and choose virtual 1-2 as the input of an audio track. See if it sends the signal to the audio track.