Help: No Output from tracks

I recorded a drum performance (kick, snare, hat, toms in stereo, OH & Room - both in stereo). I have healthy signals. But for some reason ONLY THE SNARE IS PLAYING BACK. :open_mouth: I can’t find ANY difference between the snare and the other drum tracks. You can see in the attached photo the wave file up above the led readouts. I had a little difficulty catching the led readout on the snare with the “print screen capture,” but you can see led activity in the snare track in both the mixer window and the project window. You can clearly see wave forms in the project window for the ALL of the drums. There is something on all of the tracks. But only the snare channel is playing anything back! There is no led activity on any of the other channels.

WHY is this happening? Can anyone tell me what got shut off to make this happen? I’m at a loss!
Nuendo 7 Tracks NOT Playing.jpg

This is not the first time this has happened. Monday, I was set up to track a lead vocal and the track I selected to record on was “dead!” There was NO EXPLANATION for why it wouldn’t accept signal.

It was from a template that was used regularly. The desk was showing strong signal going to Nuendo and Nuendo Input showed strong signal coming in. But the track itself was dark. So, I tried the track right next to the dead one with the exact same routing scheme and it lit right up! :open_mouth:

The work-around was obvious. I duplicated the working track and re-labeled it lead vocal and went on with my session. But I have no idea WHY the original track wouldn’t work. Remembering Monday, I just added some fresh tracks and moved the events to them (shown in gray). EVERY SINGLE DRUM TRACK IS PLAYING NOW.
Nuendo 7 Tracks NOT Playing_REPLACEMENT TRACKS.jpg

The tracks that recorded the drums just died AFTER recording? How does this happen? What’s going on? :confused: :question: