HELP! NO SOUND (Complete new-bie!)

I’m a complete novice and not even very good on computers!
I bought a UR22 a few years ago and it came with Cubase AI6. I had a few lessons and could just about record a piano track. I have now come back to attempting to use it and so upgraded by douwnloading Cubase AI8.
I have managed to connect my keyboard with a midi-USB lead to my computer. I have connected the UR22 to my computer and have plugged in some headphones to the UR22.
The keyboard seems to be talking to the computer as the marks come out on the screen.

However…NO SOUND COMES OUT!!! apart from the click of the metronome!
I don’t think there are any instruments on there at all …HALion sonic seems to be mentioned but then its just blank!

I have been to someone for a lesson, but I’m not going again for a fortnight and I’d really like to have this sorted by then, so I can hopefully move on and actually learn how to record (I only want to record keyboard (MIDI-ly and vocals).

If anyone can help me out, I;d be so grateful…please talk to me like I’m a complete idiot as I really do know nothing! I can;t even download anything without my Dad by my side!

Thanks in advance!

Try working along these lines:

That is a good start^^^

Cubase can be a little tricky to setup, but so are all DAW’s. Once you understand the ‘why and how’ you set everything up it becomes easy. Well, at least the setup does.

cracked it…by re-installing it all!!! Thanks!