Help. No Sound In Cubase AI 7


I just bought a UR22 audio interface and installed the cubase AI 7 it was provided with. When I plugged my mic in input 1 and recorded a track there is no sound when playing back. The live monitor shows there is sound and there is volume recorded on the track but there is no sound coming out my computer speakers when I play the track. I also tried making an instrument track and no sound is played there either. I have the input bus set to mono through input 1 in which my mic is hooked up and the stereo output bus set to both the left and right outputs on my interface. Nothing is muted in the MixConsole and the volume levels are all good. Why is there no sound at all? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Are the speakers plugged into the computer or the audio interface?
Since you call them computer speakers I suspect you may be plugging them into the standard audio jacks on the computer.

My speakers are plugged into my computer. Do I need to plug speakers into the outputs of my interface in order to hear playback in Cubase?

Yes. As you stated, the Cubase outputs are routed to the outputs of your audio interface whereas the computer speaker jack is a different audio card (probably built-in or integrated to the motherboard). You should be able to plug the computer speakers into the headphone jack of the UR22 (you may need an 1/8" to 1/4" adapter).

Alright, thanks for the help. I am new to recording equipment and your help is greatly appreciated.

Glad to help. :smiley: