!!Help!! Not hearing playback of any track!

I recently purchased a Yamaha AG06 that came with a free download of cubase Le AI so I installed it and configured my inputs and outputs like I was supposed to (In the VTS Connections tab I have a stereo out bus going to the Yamaha AGO6 Channel 1 for my outputs and the same for my inputs).

I can hear what I am recording (I am just using a simple mic) as I record it but as soon as I go to play it back I cannot hear a thing, but the levels show sound is being produced, and I have made sure my monitor switch is turned off. I also am unable to hear any midi files or the metronome, and I have double checked nothing has been muted.

Can someone please help? I would be very grateful, cheers.


Could you make a screenshot of your VST Connections > Outputs, please?

By the Monitor switched Off, do you mean in Cubase, or on the AG06? Is your DAW knob set to the relevant value on the AG06?