Help! Not seeing any AutoSaves (Cubase Pro 12)

I have my Prefs set to auto-save every 10 mins, max 10 backups. I have been working for over an hour and had a crash. I am not seeing any auto-saves in the project folder, and I’ve lost a ton of work. Found this to confirm I have Prefs set up right :Auto Save
Here’s a screen shot of my Project Folder, nothing from today 9/15/22:

Any assist or ideas would be so appreciated- ty!!


The *.back files come from the auto save.

Right- so I’m wondering where my .bak saves are from the last hour I was working on this project today, since I have auto save set for every 10 mins?

Polite bump :slight_smile: Anyone have any ideas why I am seeing no Auto Save .bak files from the hours I worked on that day? Could they be hidden or somewhere else, or might it be a legit bug?


I’m sorry, I don’t know.

Thanks, Martin. Maybe someone else might have some thoughts-- thx again!

Could be this: Auto-saves do not happen when playback is active.

Personally, I do not use auto-save for simply saving. I hit cmd/ctrl-s reflexively and periodically. I would never trust an automated action for such a mission critical thing.

Historically, auto-save was meant only as a last-resort measure in case of a crash. Unfortunately people trust without understanding its limitations, as can be seen by the hundreds of posts on forums through the years.


Good point, Steve. I definitely should have manually saved more, can’t argue with that logic. However, if it only auto-saves when playback is stopped, that needs to be abundantly clear in the manual: there is no mention of that caveat (and it seems ludicrous as a restriction IMHO). Giving folks a clear set of parameters in the Preferences to have auto-saves happen with customized frequency certainly indicates that it should work reliably, crashes or not. I’ve always found my .bak equivalents in other DAWs consistently.

Anyway, at this point I’m of course recreating all the lost work, but was hoping for a miracle to save time. Thanks again for the info!


Can you expand on what these limitations are?

@mlindeb Mainly that it doesn’t save during playback.

I totally agree.

I suppose the reason for it is that in projects with many VST instruments saving can take a long time, and could disrupt playback.

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Perhaps, but other DAWs’ auto saves don’t seem restricted as such. Regardless, good to know!