HELP! Note Performer Not Working

Hi All,

Please help, I am at my wits end and feel like I have exhausted almost all options. I have been a Dorico 3.5 Pro user since it was first released and my go-to VST for most of my musical arrangements is Note Performer-3 by Wallander.

Well, it almost being Christmas and all, I splurged on a new PC with lots of RAM and SSD space. I had no problem installing the e-licencer software and moving my dongle across, and soon I was reinstalling most of my familiar software without issue.

Except I decided to go one step further and, what the hell, I upgraded to Dorico 5. It installed fine, opens fine, and the audio drivers work as I can get sounds out of Dorico beep. What I cannot get to work is Note Performer. It installed fine and Dorico seems to know it’s there but under the “play” tab it appears as !!NotePerformer!! with exclamation marks either side. Under preferences it appears as my default playback template. I have checked the VST Plug-ins path and it is listed there as C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\Noteperformer\VSTPlugins 64-bit

Is this a “white list” vs “Black list” issue again? I would have thought that by now we would have moved on from these sort of problems.

Thank you in advance for your help and advice.

This means Dorico cannot find NotePerformer. I’d probably try a re-install of NotePerformer. (others may have better ideas)

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I’ll give that a try. Thank you.

Nope, no difference I am afraid.

Do from the Dorico menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here, please. THanks

Did you “reinstall” the latest NP version or run an existing NP install file you had on your system. Your new system may need the latest NP version.

(Win 10 or Win 11?)

Thank you Ulf:

Dorico (301.8 KB)

I ran an existing NP install file.

NotePerformer is blacklisted with you, that’s why Dorico won’t load it.
But you have only the VST2 version of NP installed, but in the meantime they made it a VST3 plug-in, which you better should use.
So I recommend to try and install the latest NP version.

Thank you Ulf, I’ll contact Wallander for a VST3 version.

were you not informed that NotePerfomer 4 has been out since May? The update is free and there’s nothing to lose! And, as Ulf says, as it’s vst3 the old annoying black-listing problem is now a thing of the past.

No, I was not informed. Should I have been informed?

An email went out, and there was a TON of chatter on the forum at the time (and again recently after a maintenance update). But no matter now; hopefully a fresh install will take care of everything.

NotePerfomer v4 is a radical departure which also allows you to buy plug-ins for a wide range of popular orchestral libraries to allow them to be driven by NotePerfomer intelligence. You may well find, as have countless others, that if you already own one or more of these libraries that the plug-in would be worth your while. If not, you can still use NP just as before but just with some fixes and improvements.

No, I think this problem goes deeper. Now that my primary concern with NP seems dealt with I now notice that No other instruments that were installed with Dorico 5 appear to be recognised. Iconica Sketch installed okay but apears nowhere in Dorico 5. No Halion Symphonic Orchestra. Even Kontakt-6 that I installed with no problem is invisible. All I seem to have that works is Dorico Beep. Is this possibly because I went from 3.5 straight to 5 and not via Dorico 4?

NP now works after downloading V4. But I wonder about the rest of my sound engines. Is Kontakt now verboten for use with Dorico? A 119 Euro upgrade to lose so many of my regular instruments? Where is Dorico going with this. Do I need to manually manipulate files containing “white” and “black” listed VST’s?

To the Dorico team, I am originally a trumpet player. It feels like you just sold me a better trumpet while secretly insisting you take away my trombone, euphonium and cornet that I also occasionally play. This sucks!

It is possible that some of your libraries, like Dorico 3.5, required the old eLicenser or dongle version. If you didn’t port that over to your new computer, you may need to re-download your previous libraries.

Granted, this should not affect Kontakt, but re-installing that as well–or any free upgrade–would well be worth it.

Did you install the latest Kontakt 6 version? VST3 is only supported from Kontakt 6.6. If it is an earlier version, I believe you have to whitelist Kontakt to be able to use the Kontakt VST2 plugin.

Current version of Kontakt is 7.7.2 If you want to use any Kontakt-based instruments in NotePerformer 4, you’ll need the latest version of Kontakt.

As per another thread, you won’t get Iconica Sketch to show up unless you also install the Olympus choir as well.

Hi Geoff, unless you are on Apple Silicon, you can still use VST2 plug-ins and in case of Kontakt, that is even already whitelisted as a factory setting. Though of course we recommend to upgrade to VST3, you can still use your old libraries via Kontakt, so nothing is taken away from you.
You can even do it on Apple Silicon, but then you have to run Dorico in Rosetta mode.