help, notes disappeared

Hi, I’m a new user of dorico, i have o lot of experience with first Score (dos program) and then sibelius, with i master.
I started entering notes for learning, and I used burgmuller op.100 for this. The first 6 studies went well, so i entered the 7 studie, but now wanted to uncheck the other studies. In setup I unchecked the 6 previous studies and entered notes for the 7 studie. Great was my suprise when i wanted to see the whole score (after enabling again the other studies) : I see empty measures and only the 7th studie is present with the notes… Is this a bug or dit i miss something…

kind regards
Carl Vandoorne

It sounds like you’ve deleted the music for those flows by unchecking the player rather than by removing the flow from the layout. When you remove a player from a flow, you effectively remove the music for that player from that flow: this is a destructive operation. But when you remove a flow from a layout, you’re just choosing what music to look at, rather than actually changing the music.

What I would suggest you do if you want to work on just one flow at a time is to consider making a new custom score layout that contains only the flow you’re interested in at the moment, and work on that. That way, you can avoid making any changes to the other layouts.

Take a look inside the Backup Projects folder inside your Dorico Projects folder inside your user documents folder, and you should find a recent backup of the project from before you deleted all the music.

Hello, I forgot to mention, nothing is lost at the end, the backup files are intact! I just wandered if this was a bug…

Kind regards

Thanx Daniel, I will look into that “custom score layout”.
Kind regards

It reminds me that - and I think it’s been mentioned before, but I will reiterate - there should really be a warning when you are unchecking a player from a flow when that player has music written in that particular flow. One project I’m working on right now has two files with 21 and and 17 flows respectively for variable-size chamber orchestra and I’m constantly worried that I will uncheck a player by mistake and not notice until it’s too late, because of the size of the project.