Help; Nuendo 12, OSX: Not being able to import/write data on drive

Weird one today. The system has worked ‘fine’ for several shows I’ve reviewed in that room but today it seemed as if anything that involved Nuendo literally writing a new file on disk failed.

So, trying to import an audio file failed.
Trying to do offline processing failed.
Save-As worked for some reason.

I checked in system preferences and gave Nuendo the same permissions as Pro Tools has on that computer but that didn’t help.

I can manually copy files onto the drives, and I can import / write fine in Pro Tools.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Getting a bit worried since I have several jobs I need to complete in that space over the next three-four weeks.

Any input appreciated.

Sorry I don’t have something concrete to offer, but can you check for file system corruption? (you didn’t mention, though I suppose it might have been the first thing you checked)

And of course a safe start for ruling out prefs corruption?

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I have not checked ‘file system corruption’. I figured it would be weird that PT can function but not Nuendo. I will check both that and preferences the next time I sit down at that station. Thank you.

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Is there a way to change the project folder location?

What I did was drop the project onto a portable drive that is read-only on OSX, and then copy from that to a local OSX drive. I didn’t foresee a problem because I’ve done this before without problems and both “save” and “save-as” worked fine. But today it dawned upon me that if the default location for any new audio was that portable drive then projects would save fine and audio files would fail. I probably accidentally pointed to the removable non-writeable drive as the project folder when I opened it off of the local drive.

So - can the project folder location be changed from within the project when it’s open?

No, right? This should probably be a feature request if this is the error I made.

I do believe the only way is to use File>Backup Project

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Got back to that room today with a different project and this time opened it from the portable drive with the intent of saving backup to the local drive, and it didn’t even give me the option. So then I copy-pasted it over to a new drive, unmounted the mobile drive without write permissions, and then opened the moved project and everything was fine.

So I think I found the problem.

I definitely think there should be some more flexibility on this though in the app.