{help} - Nuendo 8 is crashing on OSX

As a continue of this subject I couldnt resolve and back up. I copied the entire project with all the folders, as is, so I could keep on working on my laptop (macbook pro mid2012, yosimite).

on the laptop I have 7 & 8 installed. N8 is on the last update.
Everytime I try to open the project Nuendo is crashing while loading the project.
I tried N7, also crashing.
i crashed the N8 pref - stil crashing.

copied the project to a different drive - still crashing.

older *,bak files are crashing.

In the studio I have PC and I will not be there till wendsday and I must keep working(!). I have a deadline

im adding a crash report.

Please help

That’s just a pic of the first few lines of the crash report, and not an actual crash report file. Nevertheless you can plainly see that Altiverb is mentioned. So have you removed it to see if it cures the crash?

It doesn’t look like you have researched how to troubleshoot Nuendo when it is necessary. You could save yourself a lot of time and grief if you study those pages in the knowledgebase. In this case you should be hiding plugins from Nuendo and relaunching to see if you have found the problematic one.

While my advice might sound harsh, it’s not meant to be. These skills are part of the toolkit a pro digital audio editor/engineer needs when using an advanced tool like Nuendo. (at least until you make it big enough to hire an assistant! :wink: )

Steve’s post above is excellent advice!

thanx Steve for the advice. i will get more in depth into the troubleshoot data and learn more.
Anyways, I couldnt help myself and reinstalled the Nuendo (7 - 8 ) and it worked after reinstallation.
I need to move back the old prefs and presets and see what is up.

thnx a lot.

"Please note: Make sure to hide or remove preferences folders of all installations of your Steinberg program. "

can anyone elaborate?

So the initialized installation doesn’t pickup prefs from previous versions.

Where can I find the installation pref to erase it?

Google Nuendo settings troubleshooting

Thank you daddy.
been there already.


It took me 5 Seconds to type this into Google.

“where are preferences stored on nuendo OS X”

The answer popped right up without even having to click on another link. You can just copy and paste my words into your Google search. Problem solved.

Probably not going to get a ton more help without a little more effort on your part.

Daddy :wink:

Are you kidding or what?
I wrote I deleted the prefs. Plus, I went and read the troubleshooting page.
I asked specifically about where are the prefs of the installation can be found as it is not written in the Steinberg page.
If this is your time to make the “google it” speech - go ahead. think Im sitting on the sofa writing questions in Nuendo forum cause Im bored?
What if most of what steve wrote or found in the troubleshoot was done on my side long before I wrote the message?

What an arrogant tude.

The ‘prefs of the installation’, are just the prefs- e.g., the prefs of previous installations of Nuendo, remain in %appdata%\Steinberg\ they should be removed or renamed.

Oh. cool.
for some reason I thought there are prefs of the installation files somewhere.
That makes it clear Steve thanx.
As mentioned, It didnt help much. I reinstalled the program from scrach and removed the previous Nuendo.

Okay deep breath everybody. This is where the internet kind of sucks with the absence of nonverbals.

It looks like I mistook the intent of the OP. To me the “thanks Daddy” comment seemed sarcastic and very uncool given all the help Steve had given.

So, if I misinterpreted that, I sincerely apologize. I think Steve is probably the most helpful guy on this forum and I was responding to what I saw as an undeserved negative comment. So just to be clear if that’s not what it was, my bad, please accept my apology.

Are we cool?