Help Old Cubase SL Use

I used Cubase SL, a good decade (or so) ago. Recorded some songs, gave up the hobby, focused on gigging, and am back to my computer. Now, I’ve used up my export rights (maxed at 20), and am about to build a new system (new computer, new interface, add EZ Drummer, and so on). Problem is… how do I get the songs off of the old computer and onto the new computer, when Cubase SL won’t even allow me to burn them to a CD? Many thanks for any help! (PS: I’m a guitar player, and not a recording wiz. Be gentle.)

We have those things they call USB sticks, external harddrives, network, freeware cd burning programs…

So true. My concern was that any attempt to export my old Cubase SL files meets with a pop up menu saying, “no can do.” I’d have to acquire permission from Steinberg, and Steinberg no longer grants permission to export more Cubase SL files than the first 20. I had envisioned this process as an export function, as opposed to a save function. I’ll give the save (as opposed to export) a shot, and see how well “those things” work.

That limit should have been for MP3’s only. Can you export to wav?

Hello, ETB. Great question! I’ll explore that option tonight. Thx!