Help on temporary grouping mixer output channels ?

Ok, say the mix has gat a little hot, I love the shift select channels , and then use the up and down computer keyboard arrows to lower all selected channels as a group, but is this correct behaviour … ?

Say I want to select all mixer output channels … So I click on the first output channel ( left ) , then scroll over to the right most ( last) output channel then shift select to have all channels selected, I now have all output channels

  • all input channels selected . I only wanted output channels selected .
    If I use the handy up/down arrows now my imput channels levels are going to be lowered right with my output channels ( unless I comand /de-select the input channels )

    Anyone know a quick way to ONLY select all mixer output channels without selecting input channels at the same time ?

Yup, look at the mixer and to the left you will see three little bars? these allow you to restrict the operations to inputs or outputs or channels.

Oh and selecting all channels then using the up down arrows will not maintain the relative levels between channels!

Better to link channels via right click and then lower one fader and the rest will follow but keep the relative levels intact.

wow thx
I thought this was a design flaw.
and I see what you mean on the relative mix on group vs. link channels
Thx again