Help - one midi note muted or mis-assigned

Can someone please help me identify where (in Cubase 11) I need to adjust a setting to recover the ability to play one midi note that has been inadvertently muted across all VSTis and new projects?

It is not an issue with the physical key (a lower F) or midi cable or hardware connection, as evidenced by transposing the keyboard or by switching keyboards (i.e. that particular F note is silenced no matter where it lands on a keyboard).

This is driving me bonkers, so thanks in advance for any tips!

Hmm… could be an Input Transformer, or that note is assigned to a Generic Remote or Expression map…

What happens if instead of playing the Note on a keyboard, you edit the Note into a MIDI Part by hand.

Also if you are Recording onto an Instrument/MIDI Track and play the F Note does that Note get Recorded into the MIDI Part regardless of if you can hear it or not?

Basically trying to determine if the problem is ‘incoming’ or ‘outgoing’

Solved! Thank you for the suggestions. The fix was hitting reset in Remote Devices / Studio Setup. I did not see any settings in the list change (or clear), but this has addressed the issue.