Help! Organs in Halion Sonic SE giving loud pop!

Like clockwork. Always does it twice: The first time it always drives the level to the left to the max, but it is very quick, and then leaves, with me still being able to hear the song in Stereo. Then about 2-3 minutes later it does the same thing, and this time it brings down the entire left channel, leaving me listening to only the Right side.

And this seems to only happen with Organs: I’ve tried Strings, Pianos (Acoustic & Electric), Clavinets, and all operate more or less perfectly.

Is this a known bug? Anyone know a fix? A patch that I need?

Sounds very odd!
It could be one of many things… Have you checked how your CPU is doing!? Have you got a lot running pluginwise? Have you tried changing the latency to something higher? Checked your cables coming out of your system? Tried restarting!?

The CPU is fine: not being overly taxed. No I don’t have a lot of plugins running. No I haven’t changed the latency, and the "cables running out of the system wouldn’t have anything to do with this, seeing as I’m talking about a VST Instrument. And yes: I have tried restarting, but to no avail.

I truly suspect that this is some sort of bug in Halion Sonic SE, seeing as it only happens with organs.

Again, anyone have any insights?