Help page mode is blank for score

midi is selected, notes show on regular layouts but when I use page mode its just empty

I had this. I think it’s a windows error. Go to printers and select a printer - Microsoft PDF will do. That’s what fixed mine.

where is printers? you mean set a default? or select one through cubase?

it is already set to microsoft pdf

I had to faff around with it. In Windows Printers and Devices. Change the printer. Try then selecting it in Cubase Print dialogue. I’m sorry - it’s what I did. Seems buggy to me.

its selected in cubase and as my default on my pc. Still blank. I’ve messed with all kinds of printer settings, and it has changed nothing.

Same problem here

Possible fix?

  1. Open score page (score editor or layout)
  2. In this window go to > file> page setup
  3. In the margin section change number to 0.25

Now score should appear

Weird thing is you can later go back to whatever the previous margin was but it still makes the score in page mode visible

I guess the margins just needed a reset.

Any way this worked on my systems, hope it works on yours

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