Help! Pitch Bend/Mod Wheel not working correctly in Cubase 9.5

Hello Everyone

Within Cubase 9.5, my pitch bend and mod wheels are not engaging pitch bend and modulation. (They work fine if I open a VST as a stand alone instrument).

For example:

Open empty Cubase 9.5 project
Create Instrument Track - For example: Retrologue 2
Open and Activate “Retrologue 2”
Select Monitor on Retrologue 2 track
Insert MIDI Monitor to Retrologue 2 track.
Notes sound when I play the keys
MIDI Monitor displays correct keys

TEST PITCH BEND and MOD WHEEL with Retrologue 2

  1. Play note and engage PITCH BEND and/or MOD WHEEL
  2. Engage PITCH BEND and/or MOD WHEEL without playing a note
    No status is indicated on the MIDI Monitor in either instance
    However, the RESONANCE dial on Retrologue 2 moves when I move the pitch bend
    The CUTOFF dial on Retrologue 2 responds when I move the MOD WHEEL

TEST PITCH BEND and MOD WHEEL with HalinSonic 6
Exact same issue…PITCH BEND engages RESONANCE, MOD WHEEL engages CUTOFF

Again, if I open HalionSonic as a standalone VST, it PITCH BEND and MOD WHEEL work normally.

My Controller is set up as USB controller, if that makes a difference.

Help! (…and thanks!)

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Make sure you have no Quick Controls setup this way on the track. Or MIDI CC is not assigned to these parameters in the Retrologue 2 plug-in (right-click and clean assignment, if there is any).

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