Help! Players losing assignments

I’m having a persistent playback issue with a score I’m trying to finish. Several of my players/instruments have nothing assigned to them, and nothing visible within them, in the Play screen (see screenshot). I’ve tried Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments and Apply Default Playback Template, with no success.
Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 9.13.27 AM.png
I was using Aria/GPO4, with everything going to one omni piano patch (I really can’t stand most choral patches and have worked this way for years).

Fun update: I restarted Dorico, and while these players are not visually assigned to anything, they are now playing through Aria. ?

Is it the case that the piano data for these players is just out of view? Try clicking on the piano graphic and dragging up/down to scroll into view.

Also you say that it plays back with Aria, but the channel data says it’s routed to HALion. Can you zip and attach the score here?

1701CM Psalms in the Holy Triduum (Ward) (375 KB)
Thanks, Paul. Nothing there when dragging either. I’ve attached the file.

I don’t have time to look at that project right now, but could it be that the project has multiple flows and you’re seeing a different flow in Play mode than the one you’re listening to, so the Play mode display doesn’t match up?

I think this is a window invalidation bug. Try going to the top left dropdown menu and selecting Flow IV from there: for me the view then updates with the expected data for the Soprano part.

AHA! I keep forgetting you can see play assignments per flow. Did I cause this problem in any way, or can I chalk it up to boy meets bug?

No, nothing you’ve done wrong, just it’s a bit confusing because the UI doesn’t reflect what’s current. Also I found that there’s a bug if you select a flow from the dropdown – it doesn’t actually set the playhead to a position in the new flow, and the state gets a bit out of sync. Whereas if you play back then it will follow the current flow. I’ve fixed this now for the next update.

Paul, my next challenge is that, in Flow IV of the file I sent, I have all parts playing back except the baritone solo (which is an appropriated bassoon staff), but it will respond audibly to note selection. He is singing in other flows, and appears to be properly assigned in Play. Notes will play if copied to the piano staff. Any ideas?

It’s playing back ok on my system. I had to Apply Default Template because I don’t have Aria on my system.

All righty then! I may just give up and use Halion. Can’t spend any more time “fixing.” Thanks for walking through this with me, Paul!