Help playing VSTs with external keyboard

Sorry for the newbie question - I just can’t seem to get this working and would really appreciate any help anyone can give

Having spent many happy hours over the last few months getting to know the basics of the Korg Kronos, I thought I now ought to learn a bit more about Cubase 7 (Artist) and one of the things I’d like to learn how to do is get the Kronos to play all the VSTs included in Cubase.

I have just about worked out how to set up a VST and assign something like Sonic SE to produce the sounds (and I can press the mouse on the graphic keyboard display to hear the sounds) - then I select the Kronos as the input and the Sonic SE as the output - but the Kronos keeps playing what is assigned to that midi channel within the Kronos (German Grand) and doesn’t play the Sonic SE sound…

Can anyone help me get this aspect to work? As my laptop has many gigs of data used up with these VST sounds, it would be nice to be able to play them through the Kronos keyboard.

In your Kronos turn LOCAL ON/OFF to off.

Thanks for replying - that stops the internal sounds on the Kronos playing, but I am still not getting the Sonic SE VST to play

Do you see midi activity in the transport panel? Do you have an instrument assigned to channel 1 in Halion Sonic SE?

Turn off the monitor button (yellow speaker in the track header)

Yes on both counts. Also, I can record midi into any channel FROM the Kronos. Everything there works fine. I just can’t hear the sounds of the VSTs when I try to get the Kronos to play them, so midi info must be getting to Cubase.

still nothing, unfortunately

PM sent

~Thanks Steve