HELP! : ) PLE command to show/hide individual Folders AND Tracks together

Hi guys. : ) I’ve figured out how to create PLE commands to show/hide individual Folders, and show/hide individual Tracks, and they work fine using Macros. But I’m stuck trying to create a command to show/hide individual Folders AND individual Tracks together. For example, an individual Folder called ‘Drums’ and an individual Track called ‘Organ’, which may be in a different Folder. I’ve tried many variations, but I’m drawing a blank. All I want is to be able to mix up what I see on screen according to the project I’m working on. I feel like I’m missing something simple like a bracket or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. : ) Many thanks, Darren (Wales, UK).

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You can make two presets. Then you can make Macro out of it. Or put the other one to the Post Process of the first one.

Hi Martin, thanks for your message. : ) I’ve created two presents. One to show only a particular Folder (e.g. drums), and one to show only a particular Track (e.g. organ), which is in a different Folder. Both presets work well on their own, but when I combine them as a Macro only the second preset in the chain is applied. And when I’ve just tried to add one of them as a Post Process as you suggested, all tracks are hidden? I feel like I’m missing something simple. ( :

Here’s a couple of screenshots from the test presets I’ve created in a blank project just to try things out. Can anyone spot what I’m doing wrong? They work ok individually, but not together in a Macro or with one of them as a Post Process insert. Thank you. : )


Try to add the Save function in-between of the steps in the Macro. I use the Save as the “wait” command.

Interesting about wait command, but wouldn’t that be a bit risky saving project in some state you wouldn’t initially do? Like often messing things here and there (often unintentionally) and end up not saving project because of that.
Wondering if there is any “safer” command that would act like wait/sleep function. I solve couple commands with AHK that needs sleep but always seeking for more straight forward solution :blush:

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Thanks for the suggestions guys. : ) I can’t try them until tomorrow, but can you expand on how you get them to work please E.g., what does AHK that needs sleep mean? As a reminder, all I want is to be able to look at my screen and see a Folder of tracks AND maybe a track or two that are either in different Folders or not in Folders. My two test presets work on their own but not together (see pics). : )

I use MetaGrid and it’s Cubase PLE and Macros with customisation to do this. You don’t actually need MetaGrid for this to work but you can find a detailed walkthrough of the setup in this video.

the useful tip for track visibility is to setup a Macros so you can Show/Hide All tracks and then make visible the Folder Group/track you want using PLE using the technique in there (which is the same as the one screenshot above).

The video is long but I found it interesting and used it to help me dig deeper into what was possible.

Thanks Rob, I’ll have a look tomorrow. : ) I didn’t realize that something that’s seems so straightforward would be so difficult. Surely there must be a simple command where I can view Folders and individual tracks together. : )

It’s not to hard (says the guy with a PhD in Computer Science stuff :smiley: ), basically two steps - Hide All Tracks, Make visible those that match your visibility criteria via PLE (eg. Folder Name = “Brass”)

The video shows this and about a billion other things you can do. Skip to the bits you want if it helps, or just use the screenshots above for the simplest way. Whatever you find effective for your needs, I was just showing another way I thought might be useful.

Now, where’s my beginners guide to composing. Been doodling for 30 years and still suck at writing music, programming it is much simpler for me :stuck_out_tongue:

For me it works very well
You have to use the show and hide function
to choose the folder(s) you want to show
and hide all the others
Example Macro


example PLE Show

Example PLE Hide

Hi, AHK means Auto Hot Key, 3rd party thing for windows which enables you to override cubase’s limitations. You have plenty of mentiones here about AHK, just try to search them :slight_smile:

this allows me to show only the desired enabled track folders
and for example to solo the visible tracks
I do this on a touchscreen with the 14bitMIDI Sherlock Plugin

and nothing prevents you from doing it only for certain specific tracks

It occurs to me that all the answers being given might be biased by your pointer to using PLE and our collective assumption that Cubase Visibility Configuration had been found to be unsuitable.

Just in case, the simplest method by far is Visibility Configuration as shown in this video

You may already know about this but thought I’d add just in case the assumptions were wrong. Cubase is a big complicated beast of awesome and unless you read manuals its easy to be completely unaware something exists.

Thanks for the comments guys. : ) Yes, I find Visibility Configuration too limited. Looking forward to trying some of theses suggestions tomorrow. But the ‘simple’ two step approach hasn’t worked for me so far. As you may be able to tell from my screenshots, I must be missing something crucial. I wish I was smarter…(. :

I think that’s why if you are going to be doing much of this, Metagrid has the custom “pause” commands. Metagird is by far the best investment/solution for improved and faster workflow, especially combining PLE/LE and macros.

Another example is in your macro string, sometimes Cubase prompts an “ok” box before any further steps are executed in that macro, therefore sort of ruining the macro. Notice, Cubase doesn’t have a key command for “enter.” Metagrid does. Therefore, with 1 touch in Metagrid I have a macro where I can change a stereo track to mono, or mono to stereo.

Another example is bouncing a track where you can keep the old and the new, but that “OK” requirement will always pop up requiring another mouse click. In Metagrid, you can add “enter” to address the OK as a step in the macro.

Bono above clearly demonstrates cool things with Metagrid, and not even Metagrid Pro. Iirc, the cost is around $30 for the basic Metagrid, but you will need an iPad…however older generations work fine so it doesn’t have to be new. Always check however before purchasing.

Metagrid Is sure powerful thing, but as a lazy person who likes to have hands constant on mouse and keyboard I found AHK more fun and customisable. I can send MIDI over keyboard as well as key commands including macros that i programmed into AHK itself (not in cubase) cursor actions on many variables such us window state, position, picture and many silly things that you can imagine. It allows a lot “way around” as same as metagrid and even further. The bad is that you need to invest time to figure it out to suits your needs especially if you are not scripting/programming type of person.


Not for my way of working. I try to save the project as much as possible. There is always the history. I’m also working with the Track Versions, if I want to “backup” some version.

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Hi Dominique, thanks for your message. Metagrid looks great but all my gear is PC/Android. I have Stream Deck so maybe I can get something similar out of that. : ) You said I should choose the individual Folder I want to see (e.g., drums), and hide all others. But if I hide all others, how can I see an individual Track at the same time (e.g., sax) that is in another Folder, which was my original query? My apologies but I’m utterly confused. ( :

Hello Darren
In this case you can directly create a PLE in which you choose the directory you want to see and the additional tracks


In this example I choose only the activated tracks
after all depends on what you want to do

The advantage of Cubase 12 Pro is that you can add pre and post commands
In my example
macro 240 hides all tracks
this command fold the tracks and hide all

macro 013 selects the activated tracks in the visibility folders
I tested it works very well