Help Please! Activation Code not working.

Hello, I am posting here since I don’t get any valuable support following my support request (redirected to Yamaha Canada).

Here is the problem:
I own Cubase 6.5 and bought an upgrade to Cubase Pro 8.5 last summer. At the time I did not activate the license on the Steinberg dongle (eLicenser) since I was not ready to upgrade (ongoing production work on 6.5 at the time). Now I’m ready to upgrade but the eLCC software has magically upgraded my valid 6.5 license from 6.5 to 7.0…. And now of course if I try to enter the activation code, the eLCC software says it cannot find a 6.5 license and therefore refuse to active the 8.5 license upgrade….
Innocently I thought it would be easy to get a new activation code from Steinberg but going through the standard ‘Support Request’ redirected the request to the Canadian support which doesn’t seem to know what to do, I have been waiting for 2 days now…
Can one of the support people at Steinberg reading this post help me. This is very frustrating not be able to use what you paid for…