Help Please! Compound Time Sig - Issue with Tempo

I’ve imported some cues from Sibelius into Cubase Elements 8. The cues are in 6/8 and tempo is dotted crotchet = 45.

I changed the time signature to 6/8 in Cubase using the tempo track, and I set the bpm to 45, however on play through I realised the tracks were a LOT slower… A whole minute slower.

After some tinkering around I realised that Cubase bpm needed to be 68 to match close enough to the original Sibelius tempo. 68 bpm sounds like the crotchet equivalent of my dotted crotchet tempo, I think? So, if I’ve got this right, Cubase is measuring in 6/8 as I stipulated but for some reason, it’s counting in simple time? It’s a really odd issue!

So, I’m wondering if I’ve done something wrong, or missed a step? I need the tracks to be absolutely accurate for a recording session on Monday, so it’s not ideal to leave the tracks at 68 bpm.

Please can someone help me resolve this? I’d be so grateful!


Yes, you are right. Cubase counts in the simple time.

Hi - thanks for replying - so that means I need to leave it at 68 bpm even though that’s not quite accurate? Is there any work around?


The exact value should be 67.5. You can set this.