Help please! Cubase 7 crashes after I imported wav files.

Hello :smiley:
First of all, sorry my bad English.

I’ve been working on two PCs. Cubase 5 is installed in one and Cubase 7 is installed in the other.
After I imported wav files that were exported from Cubase 5 into Cubase 7, Cubase 7 started to crash randomly.

I can still open the Cubase 7 project files but Cubase 7 crashes in 2~3 minutes after I open them.
I guess Cubase 7 project files or the project audio pool are somehow screwed up.
And it seems that not only imported files are causing this problem. Some tracks that were originally in Cubase 7 projects are not working properly; Some tracks started to not making any sound and I had to move those into new audio tracks…

I cannot figure out what’s gone wrong while importing files to the Cubase 7 projects.
Is there anyway to solve this problem not by remaking all the projects from the beginning?

Your advice will be much appreciated.


Make sure you have the latest Cubase 7.0.7 update please.

Try to Safe Start Mode, please.