Help please, Cubase 7 to 8 upgrade problem

HI, after buying the cubase 7, and seemed to run in a unkown error, after i just activated cubase 7, and by entering the usb elicencers number on the grace period eligibility page, it ends up showing this message “Currently there is no grace period update available for the eLicenser with the number 901030 …”, so i should be eligible for the cubsae 8 upgrade since a week ago i actvated it, could you please help me with this issue ?,
P.S i alredy contacted my distrubutor but they replied that i should contact Steinberg directly, and i cant seem to find an email of them :frowning:


What is the exact date when you entered the Activation Code of your Cubase 7, please? This is the only one important date.

Hey ,

Do you know how to identify that ? Through the E licencer ?


in your MySteinberg account, or in the eLCC.

ok , now the ‘‘My Steinberg’’ profile indicates tha the activation was on the 28/5/2015 , which is outside the grace period BUT I am almost sure that his was the date that I had to format my computer and I had to reinstall Cubase thus , the current activation code is not the original ( at least to my knowledge , I had to get a new code when I re installed and reactivate the e licencer) which I believe was in the grace period.

Am I right or wrong ? any way to check the original activation code ?


The very first one Activation code is taking in account. Btw: Are you talking about Cubase Pro/Artist or Cubase Elements/AI/LE?