HELP PLEASE! Dorico will not open anymore after update

Hey everybody,

I have a pretty urgent issue. Today I updated to Mac OS Ventura (13.6.4) and after that to Dorico 5.1.

When Tried to open the new Dorico I got “Dorico cannot connect to audio engine. Application will quit” repeatedly.
I reinstalled Dorico 5.1… nothing changed.

Then I tried to open Dorico 4 (still on my machine and wa running fine this morning) but I only get “Audio process died” and then it freezes.

Im on an iMac 4,2 kHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, with with 40GB RAM.
If anyone from the awesome Dorico team could chime in, this would be a big thing for me, because I’m under pretty big pressure work wise.

Best regards,


I also have an Diagnostics ZIP File, but its too big to attache…

Make sure you kill the VST Audio Engine process (from Activity before restarting Dorico.

Or try a restart.

Do you have any additional audio hardware or drivers, which might need updating for Ventura??

Thanks for your reply, benwiggy,

Tried both of it already. There seems to be no VST Audio Engine process in my activity monitor and restarting changed nothing.

I´m using a Komplete Audio 6, which is on latest firmware…

Hi @StephanK1 ,
can you please have a look in the for crash files relating to Dorico, VSTAudioEngine or vstscanner.
Zip them all up and send me. If too big to upload here, send them directly to me at u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks

Dear Ulf,

thank you for your support.

I just mailed you some diagnostics.



High praises to Ulf, who spend the better part of this evening with me on a video-call, fixing my tech-problems and finally got Dorico up and running again.

I know, that the support and the community in Dorico-Land are always great, but my experience today was really beyond any anything I ever expected.

Thank you so much Ulf. You really helped me out and brought my project back on track.

Best reagrdas,



The process might be difficult to describe if it took the better part of an evening to solve, but I’d be curious to read what the problem was and how it was solved.

At the end we found out, that my VST Audio Engine, in combination with the new OS wasn’t happy with an pretty old Version of Groove Agent SE, that I still had on my computer.

It took a while to find the problem, but once the old plugin was removed, everything was back to normal.

Again: High praises to Ulf!


Pleased to read you got your problem is sorted Stephan. I read all the above with great interest.

Indeed, Team Dorico are an awesome bunch of people.