Help please, effects have disappearned from Midi tracks

Pretty much since i’ve owned cubase i have been able to click the “e” on any midi track and open my collection of effects to use on individual tracks, It’s been a while since i have sat down to write and i don’t know what has happened but it is no longer the same. The only way i can seem to be able to use my effect pool is to open an instrument track and do it via audio inserts. The problem is i have gone back in my files and every peice I’ve written is effected, i can not longer just click the “e” because all it shows me is channel strip, equalizer, sends and direct routing. the only way i can add effects to existing track is to effect all tracks.

Did i change something, really don’t know what I’m doing different but any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi and welcome,

In the Instrument tracks, there are no MIDI Effects shown in the Channel Settings Window. There are Audio Return Inserts only. You can see the MIDI Inserts in the Inspector of the track.