Help please exporting a video track

I have been here since Cubase 4. And have done tons of audio projects over the years. But, never worked with a video track before.
I imported a video track off of a dvd. I created music and another sound effect track. I shortened the video track a few seconds to match the 2 new audio tracks.
Now I need to export to a file or burn a DVD with the old audio track replaced with the new tracks. (Do I need to leave the DVD in my tray while doing this?)

Please tell me this is possible… I tried the search here and am not having much luck. Is there a tutorial for this. Oh yeah, I am using C8. Thanks in advance.

You can combine new audio to the existing video file by using “replace audio in video” but this will only work with the original video file on your hard drive.

It is not possible to export video with any edits you’ve made in Cubase. For that you must use a video editor.