(Help Please) Is it possible to custumize Obecjt selection Toolbar selections?

Hello Dear Cubase Fellas,

I’d like to learn if there are some possibilities to custimze object selection tool in cubase 9.5! I mean. there are 3 object selection and I have NEVER EVER USED 2. and 3. one. I always use normal sizing object selection and Of course sometimes with error i choose 2. and 3. one then I have to press other 2 times to the shorcut 1. And when it is repetetive it can be really annoying. If someone know how to handle it can help me please? Is it possibile to let only NORMAL SIZING selection?

I’m sending a photo maybe i am not clear with words.

Thank you and best regards,
Normal Sizing.png


Unfortunately there is no way, how to customise this, how to remove the 2nd and 3rd option of the Object Selection tool.

Hi Martin,
Thank you very much for your reply.
Then I should pay more attention when I pass beetween shortcuts.