Help please - Moving to a Mac

I am migrating all my Steinberg software from PC W7 to Mac OSX 10.8 ML.

I have licences for HSO and HS and H4. I installed Cubase 7 using the full Installer on the download page on Im just trying to figure out if that installer included the HSO sounds and if not what is the best way to move these to the iMac.


1: How do I specifically identify the existence of the HSO soundsets using HS or H4?

2: Where will I find the HSO soundsets to allow me to re-install? Will they reside on the C7 installer DVDs? (Another challenge the iMac gives is that it no longer has a DVD drive but thats a separate issue)

3: Most importantly, if I have to install the files manually in which Mac directory should the files be placed so Halion 4 and Halion Sonic can find them? The Mac file system still being new to me I am trying to avoid messing it up.

I recall HSO original sound set files were HSB format both 16 and 24 bit but I believe these were converted by Steinberg at some point to the vstsound format so they played within Halion without requiring the HSO player.

Can anyone confirm if I am remembering this correctly?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.