So i have all my software download and I can see levels but get no sound? I have done a ton of test and can’t hear a thing? The present sounds I click them and hear nothing at all? Thanks in advance :blush:


Make sure, the correct ASIO driver is selected in the Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System.

Make sure, there is an output routed to the wanted physical output, in the Devices > VST Connections > Outputs > Stereo Out.

Try to increase the Buffer Size.

I am now able to hear myself on the headphones and record.
But when I choose a preset to add to a track I get nothing and also can’t hear the preview of ANY preset. No levels appear on the screen? HELP my twitter is @cright if that helps THANKS


Could you send a screenshots of the Windows mentioned above?

Do you have Monitor button switched On, on the track, when you are recording?